Got A Spare Couple Of Mill? You Can Buy Monster Children Co-Founder Chris Searl’s Pad
Yes, please.
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Newport. Who dis?

If you’re anything like us and find yourself trawling the property pages online every now and then you’ll be more curious about this pad in Newport on the market. Owned by Chris Searl, co-founder of our favourite online and print mag, Monster Children, and his wife Kelly, the pad is up for grabs for auction in a couple of weeks. The expected price tag is somewhere in the $2.5 million range, so if you’re a first time home buyer, you’re probably gonna want to sit this hand out.

As you would expect from a creative duo – Kelly is an interior designer – the house has some cool AF features including; and integrated speaker system allows people to play something different in every room, an O.C.-style poolroom, and the Bob Dylan line “Don’t think twice it’s all right” on one of the stair treads.

Have a gander below, and head here for more info:

Words by Jack Bennett September 6, 2019
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