Andy Warhol & Sonny Liston
When You Got it-flaunt it.
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It always builds the anxiety of flying not knowing the seating assignment. Will you manage to deal with the unknown flying companion that will take the seat next to you for sometimes 20hrs plus. The 1968 advertising campaign from Braniff International Airways gives you an idea of the blessing in taking a seat beside Andy Warhol.


When yo got it-flaunt it! Is a colloquialism that is a standard entry on anthologies of American saying. It was created in 1967 as a theme for memorable Braniff Airlines advertising – a outrageous campaign that featured some of the worlds oddest couples, exchanging the screwiest and most sophisticated chatter heard on TV.

George Lois, an American art director, designer, and author paired Pop Art guru Andy Warhol with Heavyweight Boxing Champion Sonny Liston. Predictably perhaps, When you got it-flaunt it! became synonymous with Lois’s career and is now used in popular culture to recognise any hip, outspoken personality.

So if or when on the road to fame and fortune, some sound advice: When you got it-flaunt it.

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Words by Mitch Tomlinson July 28, 2014
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