Big Night On The Pina Coladas? Sydney’s First Hangover Clinic Is Here
Easing that rough Sunday morning.
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Whether you went too hard on the Pina Coladas at the club, or drank eight bourbon longnecks alone at home, the results will be similar: You’ll wake up on Sunday morning with a thumping headache, a dry mouth and a distinct lack of will to live.

Instead of spending the entire day cradling yourself in your bedroom with all of the blinds down, you can recover in style with Sydney’s first Hangover Clinic. It’s opening this Sunday in Surry Hills, and will help ease that rough morning into serene bliss.

The Hangover Clinic will feature IV treatments for those who are double-parked on Struggle Street, as well as snack deliveries from Foodora. May we suggest fried chicken or maybe just a tub of grease? There’s also endless free entertainment from Stan and endless free beverages from Nudie – and you’ll be able to indulge in it all while lying on Koala’s cloud-like beds. Ever wanted to hug a koala? This will be almost as good.

Recover in style at The Hangover Clinic, and be prepared to lie in the foetal position for a very long time. If you’re planning on a hectic Saturday night out on the town, grab your tickets here, with entry also available on the door.

Words by Christopher Kevin Au April 5, 2017
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