Flight Of The Conchords Announce New HBO Special
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Having been nearly ten years (feeling old yet) since their final episode aired, Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie AKA Flight Of The Conchords have stated they will be dropping a live special.

Having spawned some of the most popular tunes from from New Zealand since Crowded House before they vanished from our screens, Flight Of The Conchords have just announced they will returning to a TV near you for a one off live special on HBO. It’s the news that will fill the Hiphopopotamus/Rhymenocerus-shaped hole in your cold heart.

Fans who were in attendance at their Hammersmith Apollo Theatre performance in London a couple of nights ago were the first to hear it as the pair annnounced on stage that the show was being recorded for a special. The two-hour performance will be condensed into a one-hour by HBO and will feature new material from the socially confused musicians.

When speaking to The Guardian earlier this month, the pair hinted that a return is not off the table just yet. “It’s not like we were tired of each other’s company,” McKenzie said, with Clement adding, “we were tired of working together.” Hopefully the response to this special will provide the spark needed for them to get started on season three.


Words by Harry Webber July 4, 2018
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