Premiere: Donatachi Puts A Sweet Spin On KLP Single ‘Changes’
Listen to it first, right here.
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Bridging the gap between pop and electronica, Sydney producer Donatachi has served up a serious sugar fix with his sweet spin on KLP single ‘Changes’ premiering here on Life Without Andy.

Nestling comfortably in a remix pack alongside burgeoning artists like Froyo, Spaces, Yeo and Double Agent, Donatachi gives KLP’s latest single a pastel makeover that sounds like it’s just been birthed from the online world. Kicking up the BPM and adding his own glaze of fantasyland synths, it’s no surprise that this version of ‘Changes’ was crafted in the bustling, neon-drenched streets of Japan.

“The inspiration behind ‘Changes’ was actually ‘Believe’ by Cher – I was in Japan when I worked on the remix and I performed that song at karaoke like three nights in a row,” Donatachi says. “I’m obsessed with the idea of using autotune for creative effect on someone who doesn’t need autotune at all. I have an unapologetic appreciation for bubblegum pop, which I enforce on everything I make.”

Karaoke? Cher? Potent Japanese liquors? Sounds like the perfect setting for some unbridled creative inspiration. It comes as little surprise that Donatachi’s futuristic, pop-heavy leanings have found a home at Sydney institution Sidechains and led to collabrations with Mallrat, and we can only see bigger things from hereon in. Listen to the Donatachi remix of ‘Changes’ below:

Words by Christopher Kevin Au July 14, 2017
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