Vans Is Bringing Skate & BMX Competitions To The Australian Open Of Surfing In 2017
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With surf and skate charging arm-in-arm together as debut events in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, it makes sense to bridge the sports even further at next year’s Australian Open of Surf, which returns to Manly Beach once more.

For the first time ever, the Vans Park Series competition will kick off at the Australian Open of Surfing, which will bring pro park terrain skateboarders to the event from February 25 to March 5, 2017. From there, the VPS will make four more qualifier stops across the world, making this a truly global event with top-tier talent. Furthermore, Vans will also be bringing BMX into the fold, with the Pro Cup series starting in Manly and making three more international stops before crowning of the inaugral Vans BMX Pro Cup World Champion.

“We’re thrilled to host the Vans Pro Skate Park Series, Oceania Continental Skate Championships and Vans BMX Pro cup during the 2017 Australian Open of Surfing. The addition of these premium properties will bring the best of skate and BMX to Manly, offering athletes and fans a new level of competition and excitement,” said James Leitz of IMG, which runs the AOS.

Bobby Gascon of Vans echoed his excitement, saying “it’s an amazing opportunity to bring global park terrain competition to Sydney – with the incredible athleticism of skate and BMX athletes, there’s no doubt that both events will inspire spectators around the world. As these first-class events expand on a truly global scale, Vans couldn’t be more eager to be a part of this future vision for action sports.”

No doubt that this will do wonders for all three action sports involved – and you can expect the world’s best surfers, skaters and BMX riders to take over Manly come February. Things are looking large!

December 15, 2016