Tuesday Without 1m

Get washed ashore with Lucy in this week’s edition of Tuesday Without.

At this point, Lucy Baddeley and Jack Dillon are just rubbing it in. Bathing lavishly in the mellow waters of a Sydney shoreline, this week’s shoot is almost boastful during New South Wales’s major wet weather event. But for all its bragging, at least this  glittering shoot offers some vicarious time in the sun. In it, the photo-ready beach bums bask in the yellow glare; and who better to showcase such summery splendour Jack Dillon and his muse? 

Escape Sydney’s miserable weather in the gallery above, and check out the credits below for more info.

Tuesday Without: Lucy Baddeley
Photographer: Jack Dillon
Hair + Makeup: Rosie Neyle
Styling: Dan Daniels
Location: Sydney

Words by Tom Disalvo March 23, 2021
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From an island (kinda) near you.