Tuesday Without
Photos by Mitch Tomlinson October 18, 2016

We’re feeling very thankful this mid-week morning, as our latest Tuesday Without shoot has arrived – and it’s an absolute scorcher with Sierra Skye.

Sierra Skye isn’t just a great name with soothing alliteration – we love a little alliteration – she also happens to be a mega-babe with a strong selfie game, culminating in her absolutely stellar Instagram account. Seriously, this is 209 posts of absolute glory. Quality over quantity is the motto, and that’s something that Sierra seems to abide by.

We took to the favoured Bronson Canyon in Los Angeles with Sierra, some swimwear and not much else. She doesn’t leave much to the imagination, and the results are absolutely magical. Peach emojis for days, see the shoot above and a short video edit of the fun below:



Model – Sierra Skye
Location – Bronson Canyon, CA, USA
Photographer – Mitchell Tomlinson

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