Tuesday Without 5m

Washed out at sunset.

It’s that perfect time of the year in Sydney right now. When the weather is hitting those temps that you can spend a lazy day at the beach without getting completely roasted by the sun, when the water is still chilly enough to be completely refreshing, and when we start re-discovering the coastline again after the winter hiatus. That adventurous spirit is what 35mm wizard Ryley McGregor and stunner Therese Hoff Hansen have captured on this week’s Tuesday Without, shot at Sydney’s Milk Beach.

Exploring light as the sun goes down, the duo have created a gallery of pics that we won’t be forgetting anytime soon and have certainly got us pining for an afternoon dip. Check it out in the picks above and hit the links below to see more:

Tuesday Without: Therese Hoff Hansen
Photographer: Ryley McGregor
Location: Sydney

November 24, 2020
Editors Pick
From an island (kinda) near you.