Tuesday Without 1m

Stephanie Smallwood melts snow in an icy edition of Tuesday Without.

Dallas model Stephanie Smallwood is like a breath of fresh air. Arriving after weeks of red-hot Tuesday’s, Stephanie’s snow-covered shoot by Isaiah Rose comes as a welcome reprieve – a tall, crisp drink of water after a stinking summer’s day. Sporting nothing but some lingerie and a warm-hug of a winter coat, Stephanie provides a sizzling antidote to the Texan snow, and her chill factor is only sharpened by Isiah’s masterful work behind the lens.

Not scared to brave the cold, Isaiah describes the idea behind the wintery shoot: “The Texas Winter storm had finally let up and we knew we wanted to shoot in the snow before it started to melt. We really liked the idea of contrasting lingerie against the snow and the winter coat was the icing on the cake… It’s not every day you get to shoot snow in Dallas,” Isaiah says.

April 13, 2021
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