Party & Bullshit 12m

Global advertising agency 72andSunny has recently launched in Sydney, with the Australian office joining branches in Singapore, New York, Los Angeles and Amsterdam.

Known for their immersive campaigns for everyone from eBay to Rihanna, 72andSunny are now taking their bright, fun-filled work to Australia, opening their first branch Down Under in Sydney. For 72andSunny, hosting a Mexican themed party doesn’t just involve copious amounts of silky guacamole, but also some lucha libre matches for good measure. How many parties have you attended with a bloody wrestling ring? The answer is probably zero, so this is extra in every sense of the word.

With the masked competitors suplexing each other all over the squared circle, we were tempted to jump in there and deliver multiple Stone Cold Stunners to take home the championship belt ourselves – but we managed to refrain ourselves and just eat more corn chips. What a way to welcome 72andSunny to Sydney – see all the action here:


Event – 72andSunny Launch @ Sydney
Photographer – Jack Bennett
Date – 27/07/17

Words by Christopher Kevin Au July 31, 2017
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