Party & Bullshit 6m

Last night we headed to Max Watts For Abrand Jeans huge 5th Birthday Party.

Whoever said 5-year-old birthday parties are boring clearly wasn’t in attendance last night at Max Watts when we got down for Abrands 5th B’day bash. Surrounded by more inflatable furniture than a 90’s garage sale, we boogied away on the dancefloor to tunes from Jesse Porsches, Danny Clayton, Tori Levett and Shane Tino until we thought our legs would fall off.

But don’t worry we stayed hydrated (kind of) with plenty of refreshments from Vodka Soda &, Vonu Beer, Rum Co. of Fiji, Jacobs Creek Prosecco Spritz, and a Hi Smile VIP Bar. Safe to say it was the funnest Thursday night we’ve had in a while, and maybe one of the biggest!

Check out the gallery above, for all the action:

Event: Abrand 5th Birthday
Location: Max Watts, Sydney
Photographer: Jack Bennett

Words by Jack Bennett November 23, 2018
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