Party & Bullshit 9m

Complete with hoops, beats and beers, Coors Block Party bought the heat Max Watt’s on a cold Friday night.

Back for round two, the crew at Coors have once again have showed they know how to throw one hell of a shindig. Catering to an array of punters at this installment of their Block Party, we were treated to sizzling sets from Remi, B Wise, Shantan Wantan Ichiban and Flex Mami as we boogied the night away.

Anyone who was keen to throw buckets had a chance to show off their skills (or lack thereof) but I swear the hoops somehow got a little smaller as the night went on… Check out what went down right here:

Event: Coors Block Party
Location: Max Watts, Sydney
Photographer: Jack Bennett
Date: 08/06/2017

Words by Jack Bennett June 9, 2018
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