Party & Bullshit 9m

Fairy bread, pin the tail on the donkey, party pies – who’d of thought you can have a banging 6th birthday without any of these crucial ingredients? The Forresters and Coven Presents did, and they were spot on.

Stacked with great bands, art instalments and (of course) plenty of booze, Coven Presents: The Forresters 6th Birthday went off like frog in a sock on Saturday. Party attendees were treated to rocking punk/garage sets from Bloods and Georgia June, whilst Moody Beach provided tunes on the psych/dreamwave front as we shook the night away.

Hedy Lamarr, Alex Pye, Sidehustle DJs, KWEEN KWONG and Elodie also layed the platform for a fun-filled evening that was nothing like any 6th birthday we can remember. But, having said that, we’re kind of struggling to remember this one… Check out the action right here:

Event: Coven Presents: Forresters 6th Birthday
Location: The Forresters Surry Hills
Photographer: Mitch Ferris
Date: 09/06/2017

Words by Mitch Ferris Photos by Mitch Ferris June 10, 2018
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