Party & Bullshit 1y

Nothing like a bit of sunshine (and a heap of music) in The ‘Gong.

We packed the car and headed to Wollongong’s MacCabe Park over the weekend to bask in the sun and catch some killer music – and we definitely got our fix of both. A headlining set from local legends Hockey Dad, the dazzling melodies of Beach House, some heavy thrashing from These New South Whales, and an awesomely bizarre set from Kirin J Callinan were amongst the highlights.

Have a gander at the pics above to see how it all went down:

Event: Farmer & The Owl
Location: MacCabe Park Wollongong
Date: 02/03/19
Photographer: Samantha Qunital

Words by Jack Bennett March 4, 2019
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