Party & Bullshit 11m

Professional surfers Taj Burrow, Jay Davies and Dino Adrian share more in common than their supreme skills in the ocean – they all love the occasional beer.

That’s why the trio have teamed up to introduce Honest Ale, a new beverage from Western Australia. Born in the Margaret River region in May, the beer – made from Australian malts with a tropical twist – has now landed on the East Coast. As Taj explains, “it’s like a summer ale, but a bit more light on, not so fruity and crafty and rich. It’s got the flavours of that but a bit softer. It’s easy to drink. Good if you’re camping, fishing, surfing or going out into the desert.”

Last night, Sydney officially welcomed Honest Ale with a party down at Bondi Beach hub, Ravesis. The room was filled with Honest Ale (duh) and a strong turnout from the surf community, who were treated to a surprise performance from the seemingly unstoppable trio, Skegss. See it all here, and down your own Honest Ale tinny this summer:


Event – Honest Ale: East Coast Launch Party @ Ravesis Bondi
Photographer – Jack Bennett
Date – 24/11/17

November 24, 2017
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