Party & Bullshit 11m

Freda’s was the place to be last night.

There was only ever gonna be one that we’d be celebrating the launch of the Globe X LWA ‘Sweet Nuthin’’ collection – and that’s by having one hell of a party. Swarming to our favourite inner-city dive, Freda’s, it felt like a matter of minutes before the place was buzzing as Flex Mami took control of the decks before we headed to the bar to acquire bulk Pabst Blue Ribbons and Canadian clubs (one in each hand right?).

Soon enough, the place was flooded with delicious pizzas from Crust which gave us the energy to join the pit for a bunch of giveaways that included pieces from collection and even a few skateboards for good measure. Smooth operators Okkaido took over the on the music front for a brief but tasty set, with Flex closing out the night to a packed and rowdy dancefloor.

Safe to say no one left the party empty-handed and no one was looking forward to the sound of their alarm this morning…

Don’t believe us? Check out the video and snaps above and head here to get your hands on the Globe X LWA ‘Sweet Nuthin’’ collection, stocked exclusively at General Pants:

Words by Jack Bennett July 11, 2019
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