Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2016: Street Style Day 3
Mimi Elashiry, Margaret Zhang & more.
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We’re halfway through Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, so we thought we’d give you another round-up of who’s stealing the show when it comes to street style.

Mimi Elashiry, Margaret Zhang and Pia Muelenback are just some of the stars looking phenomenal as ever, and today was dominated by strong denim numbers and grunge-inspired rustic looks. See some of favourite looks below and stay tuned for more street style as the week progresses:


Blogging powerhouse Maragret Zhang in the classic gothic combination of crimson and black. This makes us want to listen to The Cure. Vibes!

2- Sarah Ellen

Sarah Ellen – pinstripes for days. When it comes to printed pants, the bolder the better is our motto.

3- Mimi Elashiry

Longtime LWA favourite Mimi Elashiry with the Killa Cam/Drizzy inspired baby pink joint.

4- Off Duty Models

Off-duty model shenanigans. Classic Kenzo on the left, high five.

5- Brooke Durant - off duty Model

Stern, tomboy looks from the ever-consistent Brooke Durant. Extra points for that pineapple patch on the bomber.

6 - Claud Essuman

Claud Essuman on that monochrome tip and a strong layering game.

7 - Shelby Hamilton

Shelby Hamilton – great name, even better smile.

8 - Duckie ( off duty model0

Duckie pioneering the ‘beverage accessory’ look.

9- Pia Muelenback

Pia Muelenback making the Bondi hat look better than it ever has in the 2026.

10 - Jess Thomson ( off duty Model)

Subtle flexing and texture galore in this furry outfit with Jess Thomson.

11 - Off Duty Model

We fully endorse the Canadian tuxedo in all of its forms.

12 Aidan Taylor

Always nice to see a bit of colour! Aidan Taylor with the multi-coloured GUESS joint.


Two-tone denim: Another power move we fully endorse.


Turnt down flares with a varsity jacket, we see you.


Once again, denim game on three hunnid.


Spare dart?


DIY tote bags are the future.

Words by Christopher Kevin Au Photos by Jack Bennett May 18, 2016
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