Party & Bullshit 9m

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Nick Bannehr – both as a solid human being and a photographer.

He hosted his own edition of ‘Frames’ on LWA a few weeks back, and last night he launched his latest venture at Special Group Studios in Surry Hills. ‘Dialectic North’ is a series of images shifting everyday ideas of direction and dimension, also showing Nick’s love of picturesque and remote landscapes.

The event also acted as the launch of the North Journal Spring issue, with Corona providing the brews for the evening. See what went down at the ‘Dialectic North’ showing here:


Event: North Journal Presents: Dialectec North By Nick Bannehr
Date: 08/09/2017
Location: Special Group Studios Surry Hills
Photographer: Jack Bennett

Words by Jack Bennett Photos by Jack Bennett September 9, 2017
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