Party & Bullshit 3y

It’s been scientifically proven that partying is 72 times more fun when you’re floating on water, and that was proven once again when we hit Seadeck for the launch of the OPPO R9 smartphone.

As an affordable option with strong battery life, it’s no surprise that the R9 has been a popular choice for contemporary communicators worldwide, and last night the smartphone was unveiled for us to experiment with. As we had a few cheeky beverages right under some of our most photogenic landmarks like The Opera House, the R9 and its 16 MP camera made for some quality snaps aboard Seadeck. For those who are impartial to a selfie, that includes the front camera. Phew!

Also, there were plush green cushions which is a huge plus in our books. Check out OPPO’s welcoming party here:


Event – OPPO R9 Launch @ Seadeck
Photographer – Luke Latty
Date – 19/01/17

January 20, 2017
Editors Pick