Party & Bullshit 11m

Last night, Soda Shades hit the similarly-named Soda Factory in Sydney to launch their latest eyewear collection.

The brainchild of online powerhouses Steph Claire Smith and Josh Miller, Soda Shades tapped the talents of the one and only Pia Muehlenbeck for their latest creations: stylish sunglasses that make you look the part, while also protecting your eyeballs. Designed after plenty of laughs, drinks and photoshoots together, the final product can be shopped right here and you can see last night’s antics above:

Event – Soda Shades X Pia Muehlenbeck: Launch Party @ Soda Factory
Photographer – Jack Bennett
Date – 07/06/18

Words by Jack Bennett Photos by Jack Bennett June 8, 2018
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