Party & Bullshit 12m

The Warehouse Collective threw their first event at the heritage-listed Australian Technology Park over the weekend, and what a debut it was.

Taking the spirit of warehouse parties into a large-scale event, The Warehouse Collective matched the prime setting with an equally strong lineup, consisting of veteran favourites like The Presets and Bag Raiders to fresh talents Kilter, Lucy Cliche and Nyxen. Kicking off in the early afternoon, it was a long day of diverse Australian dance music, and a statement that awe-inspiring parties can still live on in Sydney.

See the photos here, and stay tuned for the next event from The Warehouse Collective:


Event – The Warehouse Collective: The Presets @ Australian Technology Park
Photographer – Brayden Smith
Date – 16/12/17

Photos by Brayden Smith December 18, 2017
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