Party & Bullshit 12m

Fresh off the release of The Naughty Corner EP, local rap crew Triple One took to Botany View Hotel to launch the project officially in their hometown.

The Inner-West venue packed out quickly as Slim Set heated things up with their unorthodox onstage energy, and by the following intermission, the venue hit capacity with all eyes and ears on Triple One. Some punters were forced to watch from outside, peeking through the windows as Triple One brought their confronting sound alive; a mix of hard-headed rap, brooding beats and sing-a-long hooks.

Running through most tracks from The Naughty Corner, Triple One also took time to perform their cult favourites including the growling ‘That’s My Money’ and of course, breakout single ‘Doozy.’ Finishing with a very rare live performance of ‘Autumn Collection,’ this was a gig that quickly turned into sweaty chaos with stage dives, crowd surfing and peak shirtlessness on the pub dancefloor.

See all the action from Triple One’s latest show here:

Event –┬áTriple One: ‘The Naughty Corner’ EP Launch @ Botany View Hotel
Photographer – Melvin Berzamina
Date – 06/04/18

April 12, 2018
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