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With the Australian Open of Surfing taking place nearby, we headed back to solid ground for the Vans Park Series Pro Tour Global Qualifiers at Manly Beach over the weekend.

Rainy days did nothing to deter the 20 park terrain skaters from giving their all, with 17-year-old Tom Schaar taking out the winning spot with conviction. Ivan Federico came in second, with Pedro Barros following closely behind in third place. The VPS tour now kicks onto South America, Sweden, Canada and the United States before the finals in Chicago come September – see the results so far below:


VPS Australia Global Qualifier Results

1. Tom Schaar
2. Ivan Federico
3. Pedro Barros
4. Murilo Peres
5. Raven Tershy
6. Cory Juneau
7. Alex Sorgente
8. Willy Lara
9. Tristan Rennie
10. Clay Kreiner

2017 VPS Men’s Tour Challenger Rankings

1. Tom Schaar
2. Murilo Peres
3. Willy Lara
4. Tristan Rennie
5. Roman Pabich

Words by Mitch Tomlinson March 5, 2017
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