Party & Bullshit 6m

There was no shortage of excitement at the Vans US Open.

Sure surfing may have been the main drawcard at Huntington over the weekend when crowds in their thousands turned up to soak up the sun at The Pier. And it was great to see California native Sage Erikson and Brazilian take out the top equal-money prizes, but there was also plenty of fun to be had out of the water.

Check out the music, skating, and crowds in the gallery above and take a moment to appreciate how nice a summer’s day by the seaside can be:

Event: Vans US Open Of Surfing 2019
Location: Huntington Beach, CA,USA
Date: Jul 27, 2019 – Aug 4, 2019

Photographers: Anthony Acosta, Jimmi Wilson, Celina Kenyon


August 6, 2019
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