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How about this for an Australian debut?

It’s been a particularly spicy week at the Sydney Opera House, with the opulent venue hosting a stack of international talents for Vivid LIVE. We had a few shows from West Coast gangster rap icon Ice Cube, and this weekend will see Solange take the stage – but not before a mid-week spectacular from stellar R&B talent H.E.R.

Marking her first visit to Australia, H.E.R. brought all the beautifully pensive songs from her Volume 1 and Volume 2 EPs for a hypnotic show, proving that while she’s one of the more mysterious personalities in the genre, she lets her onstage talent do all the talking. See H.E.R. in action here:

Vivid LIVE: H.E.R. @ Sydney Opera House
Photographer – Mikki Gomez
Date – 29/05/18

May 30, 2018
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