Party & Bullshit 8m

We descended on Fitzroy last night for the launch of Wrangler’s new sustainable approach to denim.

You only need to turn on the news to realise that the world is facing environmental challenges like we’ve never seen before. Issues such as global water shortages, climate change, and dependency on fossil fuels are seeing people take to the streets in record numbers to ask “who is listening?” So it’s nice to know that Wrangler have taken it upon themselves to invest in sustainable practices for the benefit of future generations, which is definitely something worth celebrating.

Taking over Fitzroy’s At The Above, the Wrangler team introduced us to their revolutionary foam-dye system, which uses practically no water and cuts their energy consumption by 60% – pretty epic. Of course, there was no shortage of entertainment as we swanned about sipping on beers and slurping red, with Ash Grunwald bringing the classic blues vibes that paired perfectly with the room filled with indigo Wrangler denim.

Check out all the action in the gallery above and head here to learn more about Wrangler’s Indigood approach:

Event:Wrangler Indigood Launch
Location: At The Above, Melbourne
Photographer: Joshua Bainbridge
Date: 02/10/19

October 3, 2019
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