Tuesday Without 1y

For this week’s Tuesday Without, we’re heading international once more, but it still hits close to home.

When you think of Bali, it might conjure up images of bustling streets and Bintang singlets on every corner. However, we’re very happy that absolutely none of that found it’s way into this week’s Tuesday Without, photographed by Glen Krohn on the relaxing, near-deserted sands of Seseh Beach.

The star of the shoot is the unmistakable Carys Schulze – a name you’re definitely going to remember from hereon in. She wears a range of swimsuits from labels including Lahana and Wanita, making them all the more enchanting against a backdrop of the Indian Ocean.

See more of Glen’s work right here, and find Carys over on Instagram:

Photographer – Glen Krohn | @glenkrohn
Talent – Carys Schulze | @carys.schulze
Location – Seseh Beach, Bali, Indonesia
Labels – @lahanaswim, @wanitaswim, @sommerswim, @tacoolabikin, @grace_bijoux

Words by Mitch Tomlinson February 13, 2018
Editors Pick
Aleyna FitzGerald
Presented by Calvin Klein.
Kristina Mendonca
Photographed by David Higgs.