Alexis Ren Takes You Behind Her ‘Ren Active’ Clothing Line
In this new seaside video.
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Earlier this year, Instagram powerhouse and model Alexis Ren launched her own REN Active label.

Now, in a new interview and photoshoot with HYPEBAE, Ren takes us behind her motivations and inspirations for her debut line. For Australians, the label – which consists primarily of activewear that’s suitable for the street or the gym – couldn’t be more timely, as we’re well into the warmer months and summer rig preparation. Moreover, Ren hasn’t slowed down since her sizzling cover shoot for Maxim’s August issue, with all eyes now on her latest venture.

“I want REN Active to follow my story. At 20, you don’t really know who you are. So I’m just kind of finding myself and as I’m doing that, I’m letting the brand grow with me. With each different season, I’m going to add new things [to the collection], like new colours and new aesthetics,” she says.

Watch the video above to hear her creative process, and see the line in action with the creator herself below. If you like what you see, cop all of the REN Active offerings right here on their online store:

https_bae.hypebeast.com_files_2017_09_alexis-ren-activewear-interview-video-3 https_bae.hypebeast.com_files_2017_09_alexis-ren-activewear-interview-video-2 https_bae.hypebeast.com_files_2017_09_alexis-ren-activewear-interview-video-1
October 3, 2017
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