Bella Hadid’s Weird ‘Sneaker Shopping’ Video Is Producing All Of The Memes
Watch the 'fresh' footage here.
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Bella Hadid has earned plenty of accolades in her relatively short career, but becoming the Internet’s latest meme probably wasn’t on her to-do-list.

The younger socialite sister recently headed to Kith in New York for Sneaker Shopping, a Complex video series where entertainers visit boutiques to discuss their favourite footwear. Hosted by Joe La Puma, the show has previously featured sneaker enthusiasts like The Game, Gucci Mane, Rita Ora and even Roger Federer – and Bella Hadid was the latest to jump in to tell some anecdotes.

Dressed in a personalised pair of Off White Jordan 1s, Bella’s interview didn’t really go as smoothly as one would hope: She weirdly said ‘dope,’ ‘fresh’ and ‘homeboy’ in one sentence, and as this Tweet probably best explains, she comes off sounding like an undercover cop:

And as expected, the Internet had a further field day with it:

We still love Bella, and hey – she even picked up a pair of Air Max 95s, so ten points for that. However, we aren’t going to complain if nobody says ‘homeboy’ for at least the next seven years. Watch the full video below:

October 9, 2017
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