Brixton & Bumbag Present Their Take On The Ever-Convenient Fanny Pack
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Whether you like it or not, fanny packs are back in fashion.

What was once deemed a daggy item for senior citizens has become a style staple across the globe, and we can definitely see why – nowadays, we need to carry a portable phone charger, a USB stick, our house keys, and a packet of gummi bears on us at all times!

For their Autumn offering, Brixton have teamed up with Bumbag for their own take on the coveted item. The fusion has resulted in a┬ánylon ripstop shoulder/hip pack that features an inside pocket, and it’s reversible – meaning that you can wear the black side for a understated and versatile look, or the printed option when you’re feeling loud and lavish.

See the pics below, and cop your Brixton x Bumbag collabo right here.

March 23, 2018
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