Brixton’s Spring ‘18 Denim Collection Is Coming Very Soon
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High-waisted and rolled-cuff jeans are back in a big way, and streetwear lords Brixton are all over it with their Spring ‘18 Denim Collection just around the corner.

You’ve probably noticed over the last couple of years that cuffing your jeans has become the standard mode of fashion for many of us out there in the big wide world. It’s a versatile look that’s suits nearly everything, from both the Converse-wearing California-styles surf steeze, to the Doc Marten-rocking British punk vibes, and now you have even more reasons to get behind it.

In just under a fortnight Brixton will be launching their brand new Spring ’18 Denim range featuring their Premium Cone Denim, to keep you looking good for all occasions. Can’t wait a few more sleeps? Check out all the fine things that Brixton has to offer right here.

Words by Harry Webber July 27, 2018
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