California Dreamin: Bronte Blampied & Impala Rollerskates
Sizzling in Venice Beach.
Fashion 12m

By now, you’re probably familiar with the wonderful Bronte Blampied.

Aside from snatching headlines across the online world, Bronte featured in her own Tuesday Without photoshoot last year, and the results were so grand that we had to get her back onboard, this time in a different country. When both of our schedules aligned in California, we took full advantage of the favourable conditions with a day in the sun, and what better way to get a sweat going than some good old fashioned rollerskating.

Hitting the ever-popular Venice Beach, we brought along a few pairs retro-flavoured Impala Rollerskates, arriving in wild leopard print and equally lively turquoise with flashes of  hot pink, ensuring that you inject a little 80s flavour back into 2018.

See the whirlwind photoshoot with Bronte below, and grab all your Impala Rollerskates right here:

January 4, 2018
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