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We teamed up with the iconic Calvin Klein Jeans to celebrate the launch of their new Denim Index, the guide that makes navigating their Modern Classic and American Classic lines a breeze.

Looking back in order to go forward, Calvin Klein’s creative team drew inspiration from vintage cuts as well as their own archives when they were developing the new prototypes for the latest denim incarnation. Recognising that different shapes and styles of our bodies are as unique as our tastes, the team have not only a created an eclectic range, but also the tools to navigate it.

Taking inspiration from the Periodic Table of Elements, the Denim Index guide makes it so easy to find your fit, you’ll feel as smart as an eighth-grade science student who’s just aced a test. Simply select your rise level and then match it to your leg shape and you have your ideal jeans. Too easy, right?

Well, you might have your dream jeans (and lots of them) but that doesn’t always mean things things are smooth sailing, especially when your partner has the same style. Above, we see Bec and Al’s morning routine turn into something of a denim battle, as they fool around in the bedroom to a sweet soundtrack provided by Bodie.

With Calvin Klein’s Denim Index, finding the perfect fit is no problem, but making up your mind might be tricky #FindYourNumber. Check out our gallery as shot on Canon 5d Mark1v:

Rebecca Bisset & Allen V. Haygood

Harry Webber

Mitchell Tomlinson

Film and Edit:
Jay Grant

Digi Operator:
Nick Gascoine

Life Without Andy

Danielle Soglimbene

Make Up Artist:
Simone Pentzoldt

Music – ‘Liquor Train’ by Bodie

Words by Harry Webber August 23, 2018
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