Fashion 4m

The connection is as strong as ever.

Working together on numerous awesome projects including shoots in Sydney, Bali, London and Tokyo, Sydney creative agency Culture Machine and slingers of vintage-inspired fashion The Lovers And Drifters Club are clearly onto a good thing. Their latest campaign snaps are evidence of their ability to smoothly combine grainy film with edgy glam in a way that completely sucks you in.

Armed with a collection of tees, leopard prints, and one-piece suits, and shot in an abandoned pool and on concrete basketball courts, the photos maintain a certain allure, whilst keeping the street vibes strong. “Merinda [of The LDC] has always been a huge supporter of mine and has trusted me with her vision. She will send samples to wherever I am in the world and coordinate with an amazing model and voila! It all goes from there,” Culture Machine’s Yasmin Suteja says.

Head here to see more from Culture Machine, and shop The Lovers And Drifters Club here:

Clothing: The Lovers And Drifters Club
Photography: Yasmin Suteja
Assist: Jimmy Nice
Styling: Isabella Mamas
Hair & Makeup: Kaiya Noble
Model: Sofia Tsakiridou

Words by Jack Bennett March 22, 2019
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