DJ Tigerlily Launches Vegan “Leather Truth” Fashion Campaign
Strongheart’s skin belongs to him.
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Words by Andy Kovacic //

Wild Australian DJ Tigerlily is playing a new tune with our heart strings.

Tigerlily has launched her vegan leather fashion campaign “Leather Truth” with Animal Liberation Victoria (ALV). Tigerlily is known to be an animal activist, as a vegan herself she’s an authentic voice for our motherland. And if there’s one thing we can get behind, it’s being stylish and helping the planet at the same time – what can be better than that?

Well, there is one thing that is better and that’s the mascot of Tigerlily’s campaign – ‘Strongheart’. Strongheart is the handsome man you’ll be seeing on posters all across Melbourne with the moto: Strongheart’s skin belongs to him. We couldn’t agree more. Just look at his big ol’ eyes – an undeniable good boy.

And helping out your fellow cow is only one of the reasons Tigerlily says turning to vegan leather is not just a mindful resolution but it’s a power move. You’ll never guess what vegan leather can be made from; items like pineapple leaves, apples and other ecomaterials. Imagine that, rockin’ a leather bomber made from plants. It’s the coolest way to reinvent your closet, whilst doing your bit to make the world a more enviro-friendly place for all.

You can watch the courageous duo of DJ Tigerlily and Strongheart in the campaign video below. But you should also bring the tissue box because you’re destined to fall in love with the dorky, sweet-as-pie five day old calf that Tigerlily meets and greets. These poor babes are always at risk of being ‘co-products’ of the meat and dairy industries. Want to be the saviour of these little guys? Here is your chance. Inject yourself with some positivity by helping out those who need us the most – the animals.

DJ Tigerlily and Animal Liberation Victoria are asking you to pledge a leather-free lifestyle at Here you can also find more info on the leather industry and even get lush discounts on vegan fashion brands.

Gentle deeds for cool threads – join the movement.

March 13, 2020
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