Emily Ratajkowski Launches Her Own Swimwear Line, ‘Inamorata’
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Emily Ratajkowski is expanding her brand, just in time for summer – launching her own line of swimwear called Inamorata.

The line features bikinis and one-pieces with classic patterns and colours, including polka dot and leopard print. Ratajkowski drew inspiration from old Sports Illustrated issues, photographs by Helmut Newton and even her surroundings while on vacation.

“I also spent the time going to Majorca in the summer, and I saw women in all shapes and sizes, of all different ages, living in their bathing suits, cooking, eating, laying out, and taking care of their kids… To me, that was the kind of swimsuit I wanted to make and embody,” she says.

Given Ratajkowski’s star power, modelling her own swimwear line is a no-brainer, as she wears the entire collection in a nonchalant shoot around a mansion and poolside surrounds, with some images reminiscent of Mario Testino’s Towel Series.

See the full shoot with Ratajkowski below, and shop all of the Inamorata products right here:

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Words by Christopher Kevin Au November 22, 2017
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