Face Masks Are The New Designer Sneakers
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COVID-19 fashion at its finest…

Face masks have definitely become a regular part of everyday life ever since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, with the coveted facial accessories impossible to avoid on the occasional grocery run.

They’ve sold out absolutely everywhere, with resale sits such as StockX observing a 75% increase in overall mask sales and a whopping 167% increase in mask spending.

Fashion brands all across the world are jumping on the facial accessory train, and they’re finding great success, with brands like Marine Serre, Greg Lauren, Eric Emanuel and Birdwell dropping their own versions of the masks. The designers are going all the way in with the detail too, with designers crafting masks that better cater to higher nose bridges of western consumers.

Even if the COVID-19 crisis is miraculously fixed tomorrow, it looks like face masks will be here for the long term, as there’s no doubt that people will still be on edge about catching germs and potential illnesses. No doubt the post COVID-19 world will be interesting to say the least, let’s hope we get to see it real soon…

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April 21, 2020
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