Here Are Our Favourite Stance Socks Right Now
Talk about a hole in one…
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Take your sock game up a level.

The evolution of socks is here. These days wearing your plane whiteys or your checkered business-style socks just isn’t cutting it. You can get socks that are right up your alley in terms of style/graphics/length and everything, and Stance are on a nonstop mission to bring in the sock gravy (sorry if that sounds gross). Here are some of LWA’s faves out of their huge range which you can get your toes into right here:

The Happy Gilmore Range

Try and tell me there’s a ‘90s movie that is funnier than Happy Gilmore. There ain’t. And now you can make sure your feet always remain in their “happy place” with these two rad designs.

Ben Simmons & Other Big Head Socks

It’s not every day you see an Aussie ripping in the NBA, and if there was ever an Aussie B-ball player worthy of your feet, it’s our own Ben Simmons. He’s just one of many basketball and baseball players to be sockified by Stance – go check them all here:

Nirvana Nevermind Socks

The blue pool with the baby swimming on the cover of Nirvana’s 1991 album Nevermind is nothing short of iconic. Pretty into these ones as they’re a subtle rep that only real deal fans will pick up on.

Vintage Disney

Even though they’ve taken over the world now, OG Disney characters have a timeless charm and will surely continue to pop up in pop culture for years to come. Now you can that them with you anywhere:

Words by Jack Bennett March 16, 2020
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