Gigi Hadid & Tommy Hilfiger Speed Up With Motorsport-Inspired Collection
Life in the fast line.
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Gigi Hadid & Tommy Hilfiger have now unveiled their fourth joint collection, and this time around, they’re kicking into high gear and moving into the fast lane.

The latest (and perhaps boldest) collaboration between the two powerhouses takes plenty of influence from the world of motorsports – think checkered prints, racing stripes and some sharp use of Tommy Hilfiger’s favoured tricolour palette. To go along with the aesthetic, the collection features fingerless gloves, oversized shades and full leather jackets and pants. These items are also mixed with some of Tommy’s more relaxed sportswear selections, including wide-legged sweatpants.

“Everything [about motor sports] is intriguing. The technical aspect, the different ways they modify the cars to race differently, what the driver speaks to his team about while driving 200 mph,” Hadid says. “I personally love the way the windbreaker jackets turned out. I’m happy with the shapes and their ability to be worn as a fashion statement that is functional.”

The collection will debut next month at Milan Fashion Week. In the meantime, see Hadid & Hilfiger in action below, and wear this collection while rapping Cardi B’s verse in ‘Motorsport’ word for word:

Words by Christopher Kevin Au January 30, 2018
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