Happy Birthday Mario Tetsino: A Look Back At His Iconic Images
His 63rd birthday.
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Bring out the party pies, it’s Mario Testino’s birthday!

He’s long been one of the world’s most esteemed fashion photographers, to the point where it’s hard to think of who he hasn’t worked with at some point in his career. With a diverse portfolio that spans from Hollywood A-listers to the British royal family, Testino has captured imaginations around the world with his human approach to photography. His work has appeared everywhere Vogue to V Magazine, for labels from Gucci to Burberry, and has no doubt helped shape their identities.

Here, we’ve selected some of our favourite photos from Testino’s sprawling portfolio, featuring the likes of Emily Ratajkowski, Kate Moss, Brad Pitt and more. See it all below, and keep up to date with his activities on Instagram:

f63bebb45e3aaad5ff19e511a62ad198 1280-7m5fm1qphm8twnjtaxmdmweaf4d583qacet4r5hg DYU0042J_10-1098x1400 MARIO_TESTINOKATE_MOSS_LONDON_BRITISH_VOGUE_2008 IMG_6384a 00020_053_no_cover-1050x1400 052b_testino_diaz3-923x1400 MARIO_TESTINO_GISELE_BUNDCHEN_NEW_YORK_VANITY_FAIR_2007 3be99e64cb5007dac3273e9f91b776ce 1280-7c6zztqqqhemt1jhtdg9dtf34mcjz19e4c4fatnr 00080_170713_169_MT t33 MARIO_TESTINO_KATE_MOSS_LONDON_AMERICAN_VOGUE_1999
October 31, 2017
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