Huffer Celebrate Their 20-Year History With A Limited D-97 Jacket
With only 97 of these bangers produced.
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Huffer recently celebrated their 20th anniversary with a mammoth runway show at New Zealand Fashion Week, and the D-97 manifests their lengthy history into one hell of a jacket.

Staying true to its name, there’s only 97 of these jackets in existence, combining Huffer’s outerwear roots with the technological advancements they’ve made over the past two decades. Each has been individually hand-made and numbered, with 100% goose down filling and a fully waterproof outer. Additionally, the D-97 features 20 touchpoints on the jacket from the past 20 years, which are all explained in a booklet that accompanies the garment.

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Embracing both fashion and function, this jacket continues Huffer’s longstanding mission and looks to signal another two decades for the New Zealand streetwear label. There are only a few sizes of the D-97 left, so register your interest by emailing and see it in action below:

HUF0000 Mon 3 Jul17_1011 HUF0000 Mon 3 Jul17_0495

HUF0000 Mon 3 Jul17_1020
HUF0000 Mon 3 Jul17_0704

HUF0000 Mon 3 Jul17_0751 HUF0000 Mon 3 Jul17_1290
Words by Christopher Kevin Au September 11, 2017
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