Huffer Teams Up With Tom Gould For The ‘Decade’ Exhibition
Showing in Sydney this August.
Fashion 7m

Extending their reach far beyond clothing, Huffer have teamed up with acclaimed photographer Tom Gould for the Decade exhibition hitting Sydney next month.

To celebrate the past 10 years of living in New York, Gould has captured 10 locals of the city in the exhibition showing at COMMUNE on August 3rd. Among the subjects appearing in Decade are rapper Action Bronson (also seen on Fuck, That’s Delicious) and legendary producer The Alchemist (‘Hold You Down’ with Prodigy still goes hard) and a slew of other characters from around the city, all wearing Huffer in their own style.

A testament to Gould’ ability to capture portraits in captivating fashion, and Huffer’s homage to the people who make their neighbourhoods vibrant; head down and see Decade next Friday evening. Details here:

July 26, 2018
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