Justin Bieber Pop-Up Shops Are Coming To Sydney & Melbourne
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With the help of some streetwear designers and an on-trend metal aesthetic, Justin Bieber’s merchandise line has become highly sought after, and two pop-up stores will be opening in Australia to meet the demand during his stadium tour.

While Bieber tours across the country alongside Martin Garrix, pop-up stores selling his merch will be held at footwear boutique Sneakerboy. First up is Melbourne from March 10 – March 12, and then it’s Sydney’s turn from March 15 – March 17. Expect to see a lot of resellers, rich social media celebrities who describe themselves as ‘high fashion’ and people wearing Yeezy Boosts with tapered trackpants:

Speaking of Yeezy Boosts, Kanye West held similar pop-up stores in the capitals following the release of his album The Life Of Pablo which resulted in customers queuing up for hours to purchase their garments of choice. We’re expecting similar fanfare when Bieber’s pop-up stores open, so bring a comfortable chair and a mate who offers good banter. Hopefully this doesn’t escelate into a Hypebeast riot.

See some of the shirt designs you’ll be able to purchase below, and stay tuned for our review of Bieber’s show in Sydney next week:

Head image via GQ

Words by Christopher Kevin Au March 9, 2017
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