Mambo Get Wacky In ‘Acid Tropic’ Collabo With Byron Spencer & Peter Simon Phillips
The results are out of this world.
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Mambo’s ‘Acid Tropic’ collection has been taken even further into outerspace, courtesy of some eye-popping work from Byron Spencer and Peter Simon Phillips.

The iconic Australian label addressed the two creatives with the following brief:

Acid Tropic is the blurred line between the reality of a tropical holiday and the surreal state of a day dream. See-sawing from to the other trying to escape the static. Acid Tropic is inspired by the ever going tropics trend which moves into psychedelic jungle vibes. It also touches on the retro 90’s surf trend which brings out the static, tuning back to back to Mambo’s heritage.

If that text seems like a lot to wrap your head around, then wait until you see the images below. Skipping playfully along the border between fashion photography and a bizarro fantasy land, we find ourselves in a tangle of vibrant colours, animation and seagulls. Lots of seagulls.

See the images below, and find some apt inspiration for Splendour In The Grass, because Mambo will be officially dressing the mega-festival for the second consecutive year:

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Words by Christopher Kevin Au June 6, 2017
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