Moana Bikini’s New ‘Island Time’ Lookbook Is A Multicoloured Wonderland Of Butts
Shot by Trent Mitchell.
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Well, Moana Bikini’s latest lookbook is certainly something.

Stephanie Claire Smith and Eryn Krouse are the alluring co-stars of their brand spankin’ new ‘Island Time’ campaign, which takes place on a small Hawaiian island – or as it’s more commonly known, a multiculoured wonderland of butts. It’s the sort of landscape that you only see on expensive postcards or computer wallpapers, with plenty of undisturbed coastline, sun, ocean and butts!

Stephanie and Eryn prance around the island location doing all sorts of fun activities like jumping off tall rocks, eating desserts, lying seductively in the sand and balancing pineapples on your head – all of this while wearing the ‘Island Time’ range. Consisting of 34 prints and 10 patterns across a range of bikinis, this is the sort of swimwear you need if you like it bright and bold – and will look especially nice while you’re drinking a PiƱa Colada on the boardwalk.

Moana Bikini was started by Karina Irby six years ago with a $800 loan. Today, it’s a global swimwear brand that manages to create #engagingcontent like this. See the very excellent lookbook below shot by Trent Mitchell, and shop the ‘Island Time’ range right here:

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Words by Christopher Kevin Au November 29, 2016
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