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After making a huge debut at New York Fashion Week, the NANA JUDY X 101 Dalmatians collection continues to turn heads.

Did you know that the NANA JUDY label was named after the creative director’s great grandmother’s dalmation, Judy? Neither did we. Which is why it makes so much sense for the streetwear juggernaut to be teaming up with The Walt Disney Company to produce their 101 Dalmatians inspired collection.

As you can see from the gallery above, they’ve masterfully maintained NANA JUDY’s unique eye for aesthetics and signature fits, whilst sprinkling the collection with just the right amount nostalgia from our favourite dalmatian-related Disney flick – it’s a home run.

The NANA JUDY X 101 Dalmatians Collection is available here right now!


Words by Jack Bennett October 18, 2018
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