Nena & Pasadena (NXP) Launch Debut Women’s Collection
Girls, girls, girls.
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NXP have finally heard our call, and will be dropping their first women’s collection this Winter.

We’re all too familiar with Australian label Nena & Pasadena. The Melbourne-based brand that has literally got guys covered from hats to socks and everywhere in between – and now they they’ve announced that come Winter, they’ll be providing garms for ladies around the globe as well.

The collection spans from NXP’s classic sports-influenced streetwear through to denim crops and more high-waisted pant options than you could ever need. With a colour palette that includes soft corals, vibrant purples and funky camos, you’ll be able to tailor your outfits to your mood every day.

“Our mantra created for freedom informs all of our designs; enabling the NXP girl with the freedom to express her individuality through premium streetwear fashion,” the brand says.

Check out the range below, and keep your ears and eyes open for the NXP Womens Collection.

Words by Harry Webber March 29, 2018
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