Nike’s Poncho That Turns Into A Bum Bag Has Us Praying For Rain
The rains are here.
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Nike you’ve done it again.

Are you one of those people doing some serious doomsday prepping right now? Well, firstly chill the fuck out. And secondly, you should probably secure yourself one of these mad ponchos that Nike have made with Tom Sachs, the aptly-titled Tom Sachs x NikeLab “NikeCraft” Poncho. Released a few weeks back, this bad boy features a US flag, breathable material, zipper compartment and hood, plus it folds down into a rad-looking bum bag.

Pretty neat right? Well before you head to Tres Bien and get yourself one, you might wanna take a look at the price tag, with these weather withstanders selling for a whopping USD $520 – no chump change. Maybe if you buy it you can protect yourself from the showers of cash that you clearly enjoy… Peep it below:

March 20, 2020
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