A Pair Of Air Jordan 1s Have Sold For An Insane Amount At Auction
Real MJ fans.
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Quite ridiculous…

The Last Dance has well and truly reinvigorated the love for Michael Jordan and his achievements, with the ten-part docu-series setting the world on fire the past couple weeks. Perhaps the most tangible evidence of the skyrocketing love for MJ is the ever-increasing prices of his Air Jordan 1s, which are still managing to sell like hotcakes. They’ve now set a huge record, with a pair of Air Jordans worn by MJ in his rookie season (also signed by the GOAT himself) selling for a ridiculous amount at an auction recently.

Auction runners Sotheby expected the Air Jordan’s to sell for approximately $230,000 AUD, which is still a huge amount, but an extra dedicated bidder blew past that, winning the bidding war with a closing bid of around $850,000 AUD.

I mean that’s totally crazy, that’s literally over half a million dollars for a pair of shoes. But they’re no ordinary pair of shoes however, and for that we gotta respect the dedication…

May 18, 2020
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